Have you tried Radler Citrus and Its new Red Fruit Variant?

Star Radler premium tasting beer has just unleashed the next best antidote for thirst with its Twice the Refreshment offering. The flavoured alcoholic beer has just launched a new look for its Citrus flavour and a new Red Fruit variant.

A product of the master brewer Nigerian Breweries Plc, Star Radler’s unique fusion of Star Classic and natural citrus juice gives a new taste experience and with the new red fruit variant? Taste buds are about to explode from two-fold refreshment!

Here’s why you should opt for Star Radler the next time you need a drink:

●        The Packaging: What’s not to love about Radler’s new look? Star Radler’s new look brings to life the refreshing, thirst-quenching and tasteful benefits of the special beer. The blue, yellow, red and silver colours of Star Radler reflect that refreshing character of this special drink as well as Nigerian Breweries Plc’s tradition of excellence.

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  • Little To No Alcohol: If you’re a new beer drinker or not one for too much alcohol but need that refreshment, a chilled Star Radler’s all you need. With just 2% alcohol, Star Radler provides you with two flavours, a Citrus mix and a Red Fruits mix.
  • The New Red Fruit Variant: The new Red Fruit variant comes with a perfect blend of red fruits and beer and a remodelled design with a touch of red replacing the silver colour.
  • The Quality: Star Radler is internationally recognized for its superior quality. Its delicious punch of fruit flavours mixed with beer and moderate bitterness broke the beer tradition in Nigeria in 2014 when it made its way to the beer market.
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The versatility of Star Radler closes the gap between those who love the fine taste of beer and those who enjoy lighter flavours, providing the right satisfaction for consumers. With a new  campaign themed ‘Twice the Refreshment,‘ Star Radler has hit the shelves, meaning this must-have is now available to everyone.

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