Helping entrepreneurs to succeed

The Chief Enabling Officer, Cutting Edge Partners, Benjamin Aduroja, a financial advisor, is empowering business owners with the right investment knowledge to enable them survive, DANIEL ESSIET reports.

SMALL and medium-sized businesses are the engine of the economy. They account for 90 per cent of businesses and drive innovation, productivity and employment.

But, only few startups and businesses survive the first three years. This is a result of initial challenges that confront new business owners. They often don’t have the experience, financial resources or access to expert advice.

For the Chief Enabling Officer, Cutting Edge Partners, Benjamin Aduroja, a financial advisor, however, it takes more than passion to run a successful company. It also takes endurance and skill combined with the ability to choose the right path at decisive moments. He works with entrepreneurs to help them launch their businesses based on sound financial footings. His business is to help businesses and entrepreneurs further their dreams and solution initiatives.

Aduroja is out to encourage more Nigerians create new businesses.

The past year, no doubt, saw so many lose their funds to either ponzi schemes or investments that ended up awry.

Aduroja, a sound financial management advocate, believes with the right knowledge, money can be put to better use for anyone in possession of it. Today, his quest to see people better manage funds has paved the way for him to play the role of a financial advisor to individuals, groups and organisations.

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Aduroja’s Cutting Edge Partners, which started in 2017, is committed to providing organisations with the highest quality financial advisory services.

He derives joy from helping growth-minded individuals to chart their wealth course and to accelerate the achievement of their financial goals. According to him, he has had the privilege of working with many individuals, families and organisations to achieve their financial goals.

He noted: “It’s a very an interesting journey for me. Truth is, ever since I was a little boy, people always entrusted me with their money: my parents, siblings, friends, colleagues just to mention a few. I noticed that people find me dependable and reliable. And I must say that I have also worked very hard not to betray that trust. So, it was clearly obvious to me that my place of grace was in the finance space.”

Explaining some of his brand services, he said: “The times are very volatile. Growth-minded individuals who  desire a partner that will stand by them in their unique journeys, and stick with them through thick and thin of life’s vicissitudes need look no further. I have got them covered. Through a unique virtual financial advisor model, I serve as their accountability partner, finance coach, financial advisor and support.’’

On his challenge as a business owner, the expert said like most startups, his business had a challenge of getting paying clients at the outset of the business.

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“In this part of the world, people believe more in physical products than in services, especially when it has to do with managing their finances. To overcome this, we did a lot of work for free, and had to do educational marketing. Today, we have clients in Nigeria, United Kingdom and the United States. Of course, we are not resting on our oars; we keep working very hard to develop our capacity, marketing reach and service delivery.”

To investors: “My advice is that they should shun suggestions from friends, families and others who are unqualified to give such advice.

“They shouldn’t get carried away by tales of those who are already making a killing in any investment scheme. They should engage financial advisors to help them do thorough investigation1 of any investment opportunity.”

That is why most often than not we lose money. This ought not to be. I remember a certain client of mine rushed to me asking for help when her sister had compelled her to invest ?5 million in a scheme that went bad. She had borrowed that money from her customer, and didn’t know what to do to get out of the mess. I told her that she should have come to me first when the investment was introduced to her. I would have helped her to do a thorough due diligence.

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Aduroja added: “I understand that a lot of households are struggling to make ends meet. Inflation rate of 15.4 per cent as at November 2021 is not helping matters. I advise anyone struggling financially to cultivate financial management skills. Last year, I decided to use a budgeting template to manage my finances. Within a couple of weeks, I noticed something strange: My income had suddenly increased. As I reflected on this phenomenon, I quickly realised that it is the basic Law of Management that had set in; when you’re faithful in handling the little you have very well, more will be given to you.

“Secondly, they should build capacity to attract more resources. I see a lot of folks hustling out there, trying to make ends meet. At a point in my life, I was in the same shoes. I hustled  but had very little to show for it. This was very puzzling to me. I then discovered by way of thorough research that wealth is not out there; it is within. It is what is inside of you that you will attract. If you have a poverty mindset, no matter how much you hustle, you will still struggle financially. So, if you desire to attract millions of Naira, you need to develop a wealth consciousness.”


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