How Nigeria’s IAPrecision is using drone, data tech to make agriculture more efficient.

IAPrecision is a first-of-its-kind agricultural industry-focused drone technology and data analytics service enterprise in Nigeria.

The startup, founded in 2021, provides farmers with aerial intelligence and actions that empower them to undertake smart and precision-driven agriculture leveraging drone technology and the power of data they generate.

IAPrecision uses drones fitted with sensors that can help farmers scout their field for early pest and disease detection, enabled by artificial intelligence, and in combination with its in-house assembled spray drones that are fitted to autonomously spray crop care products.

“Our core mission centers on addressing the pressing issue of environmental degradation, primarily caused by unsustainable agricultural practices, while helping farmers increase profitability and operational performance. These practices have triggered detrimental consequences such as deforestation, water pollution, and a decline in biodiversity,” said CEO Femi Adekoya. 

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“This not only jeopardises the livelihoods of farmers but also poses grave threats to local ecosystems and communities. Additionally, the prevalent use of outdated pest control methods has resulted in excessive reliance on harmful chemicals, heightening health risks for farmers and high cost of scarce manual labour.”

At the heart of the AIPrecision solution is cutting-edge drone technology, offering comprehensive services encompassing precision mapping, monitoring, seed sowing, and efficient drone spraying. 

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“We collaborate closely with land stakeholders, environmental agencies, and farmers to evaluate ecosystem health, pinpoint areas of concern, and implement targeted interventions promoting sustainable land practices and cost of labour, hence, increasing profitability,” said Adekoya.

The self-funded IAPrecision operates off an on-demand pay-per-hectare model.

“Our services, spanning precision drone spraying, farm mapping, and training, address commercial and smallholder farmers, government agencies, financial firms, and startups. We offer flexible payment structures – on-demand or subscription-based – at service fee as low as US$15 for crop monitoring and US$12.50 for drone spraying per hectare,” said Adekoya.

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“As a farmer-founded startup with over 30 years of collective agricultural experience, we possess a distinct edge. Our aviation qualifications and locally assembled spray drones reflect our commitment to excellence. With more than 5,000 acres serviced, over 300 farmers impacted, and over US$30,000 revenue in the first year, our momentum is underpinned by trusted partnerships with industry leaders such as the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Nigeria Flying Labs, GLOBHE, Agrobyte, Soilless Farm Lab, ARCO Worldwide services, and others have reinforced our commitment to excellence. Positive feedback, amplified by our free agronomic advisory, distinguishes us.”

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