iCare Solutions Announces Availability of Spark News App to Aggregate Top and Latest News Around the World.

iCare Solutions announced the launch of Spark News App that collects, organizes, and highlights top and latest news around the world, enabling you to discover and stay informed on top and latest global and local news in one place. It also enables you to translate and listen to news stories in more than thirteen different languages. In addition, it allows you to discover and watch top global, local, and specialized news videos. It also allows you to get the latest news directly from their sources across all your favorite topics. You can also read entire news articles without leaving the app and save them to read later at any time.

“After the successful launch of our COVID-19 World Tracker Dashboard, which provides tracking, stats, and analysis for COVID-19 cases along with aggregating top and latest news for COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to provide a comprehensive news aggregator app covering the entire world in many different languages with the ability to translate and listen to news on the fly. We noticed the lack of such an app that enables and empowers its users to discover news stories in different language(s) and allows them to read and listen to these stories in their own language(s). Therefore, we created Spark News App to provide such features,” said Dr. Hesham Mansour, CEO/Founder of iCare Solutions.

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Spark New App

Spark News App is a highly customizable news aggregator app, bringing you the top, latest, and specialized news in one place from numerous trusted news sources in various countries. The app also allows getting the latest news directly from their sources across all your favorite topics. With the feature of translating and listening to news stories, you can translate and listen to news while reading them from any language into your preferred language. You can also read the entire news stories without leaving the app and save them to read later at any time. This is in addition to discovering and watching the top global, local, and specialized news videos.

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The App has a responsive design and can be installed on the Desktop and is available on the Web. It also has a mobile version on Android and iOS devices available on their App Store. It can also be installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) to run as a Standalone App on mobile devices without downloading it from the App Store.

The App has Dark and Light themes and the user interface supports both Arabic and English languages.

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The App is available at and you can also install it your device from the Android and iOS App Store. You can use the following link to install the app on your device:

Founded in 2020, iCare Solutions is specialized in providing personalized software solutions that can benefit society and help making people’s life better. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to promote the digital transformation of Healthcare, Education, and Insurance Industries in Egypt and across the Globe.

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