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International Conference On Migration & Human Trafficking, Benin City 2018.

Recently in Libya the migrant crisis where a CNN report revealed African migrants being sold into slavery (, has further highlighted the problems of displaced persons facing sub-Saharan Africa. Of the thousands of survivors returning from Libya, a large percentage are from Nigeria most particularly from Edo State. These survivors and many are women,. have been exploited, raped and traumatized by the entire experience.

In November of 2017 the BBC reported the discovery of girls aged 14-18 found dead on the Mediterranean Sea mostly from Nigeria ( They were even buried without being identified. It was in many ways a national outrage that the future of Africa is dying at sea running away from inhuman conditions exacerbated through bad leadership and criminal human and sex traffickers.

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The International Conference holding in Benin City seeks to bridge the discuss gap in finding solutions to this peculiar problem.



Constatia Hotel

Airport Road Benin City

Benin City, Edo State.

CLIP Creative Leadership Initiative Project

Organiser of International Conference On Migration & Human Trafficking, Benin City 2018

CLIP is a UK based private charity set up to advance the education and relief of poverty of children, women and young adults in Africa, through the provision of support, materials, training, CSR events, micro-finance and ideas while working with local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) on a project by project basis.’ While we recognise that there are many organisations doing the bit they can to solve the problems of their community, creating a network of such groups will strengthen efforts and create synergy towards the common goal. CLIP seeks to facilitate such networking.

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