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Introduction to Small Business Guide

Introduction to Small Business Guide

In today’s Nigeria, the stark reality is that tens of thousands of graduates are pursuing hundreds of jobs. The odds are becoming greater as more and more graduates joing the saturated job hunting market seeking fewer jobs as the economy shrinks further due to crippling power outages and deteriorating security and infrastructure. A handful of graduates have run out of patience, endurance and long suffering and have jumped on the crime and other vices bandwagon.

As a social responsibility to this growing army of Nigerian citizens, we started a free classified online job vacancies advert section, Galleria JobZone.

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We have always maintained that the ultimate is to mind your business, literally. We can choose to be employers of labour rather that struggle for the few available spaces. We can reduce unemployment by taking some folks out of the job hunting market rather than adding to the number.

To match our action with words, we have decided to roll out a Small Business Guide series. We are aware that knowing what business to go into is a challenge for many young people, and when they do eventually decide what to go into, start up capital is another river to cross.

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In this section, we will feature businesses you can start with little or nothing, and with diligence, become an employer of labour in a few months or years. By startting small, you can utilize your savings, with some additional funds from relatives that believe in your dream. You can build a business empire starting from scratch, whithout resorting to a bank or finance house for a 2-digit interest rate loan.

Feature in this section are articles, links and resources to assist you in building your business empire from the scratch, by not despising the days of small beginnings.

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Please note that articles in this section does not constitute financial advice. Please consult an expert before you commence any business venture.

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