Nigeria ranks 82nd in world digital quality of life index 2021

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A new global study conducted by cybersecurity company, Surfshark has ranked Nigeria 82nd among 110 countries in the world’s Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL) 2021.

The third annual edition of the DQL also rank Nigeria 107 in the internet affordability in the world, adding that Nigeria’s internet affordability is 90 per cent worse than the global average.

Covering 90 per cent of the global population, the DQL study is conducted by the Surfshark and evaluates countries based on a set of five fundamental digital wellbeing pillars. 

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The study shows that, “Nigeria lags with internet affordability (ranks 107th), e-government (95th), and e-infrastructure (90th), but shows similar to the global average results in internet quality (56th) and e-security (46th).

“Nigeria’s digital quality of life remains similar to last year’s. Despite the slight fall in the leaderboard, the country comes first in Western Africa and shows slightly better results in some pillars than the global average. Its e-security is among the top 50 worldwide, surpassing Africa’s DQL leader South Africa.

The study however, ranked Nigeria 56th in the internet quality index due to low internet speeds, saying the country has one of the slowest broadband connection speeds globally (13.45 Mbps), ranking 105th, and slightly faster mobile internet (17.91 Mbps), ranking 96th.

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However, the country’s broadband speed growth is one of the fastest on the planet, ranking 16th.

The study shows that Nigeria’s internet affordability is 90 per cent worse than the global average, it added that people in Nigeria have to work the most time in the world more than 35 hours to afford the cheapest broadband internet.


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