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YALI Accountability and Transparency Summit (ATS) Abuja, 2018

CALL FOR REGISTRATION: CATEGORY 3 (limited space available)

The Accountability and Transparency Summit (ATS Abuja, 2018), is an initiative of YALI Abuja in collaboration with the RLC Alumni, MWF Alunmi, Face2Face across 25 states in Nigeria and Impact Driven Young Leaders Initiative (IYDL Initiative). This event is sponsored by the US Embassy Abuja and it is designed to catalyze the abilities of Young African Leaders participating from across 25 States of Nigeria (where structured YALI hubs exists) to take up initiatives that will reinforce the role of government in creatively providing the needs of the people and ensuring accountability at all levels, through the well-designed project deliverables focused on the following thematic areas:

1. Education
2. Health
3. Trade And Investment And
4. Security
5. Transportation
6. One Other Thematic Areas Peculiar to the State.

This pioneering year, YALI Network Face2face Abuja Accountability and Transparency Summit (ATS) is partnering with the US Embassy Abuja and other strategic partners to train selected members on a three days intensive summit which would consist of a conference, dinner, cultural night, and training. Selected participants shall analyze the problems of their state of residence, provide solutions, identify the available natural resources in the state and propose how best they can be well utilized. Upon selection, delegates shall present report of the above analysis which will serve as policy direction document to the government while it will serve as a means of measuring government performance by the citizens.

YALI Nigeria will sustain her relevance within the governance space across regions of the country and network members will replicate the knowledge gained on community impact driven activities and government level support initiatives.


1. To empower Nigerian youth with skills, knowledge, and attitudes relevant for communication and advocacy of democratic ideals

2. To establish strategies to better connect the YALI network to local and state government leaders

3. To develop actionable tools that will assist young people in evaluating
(a). The transparency and accountability of their elected leaders and
(b). The promises and platforms of political candidates.


Simply Register to attend as a participant. (Hurry to register, this link closes as soon as the alocated slots are signed up)

Benefits include;
1. Access to the conference as participants
2. ATS materials,
3. Networking access,
4. Training, and
5. Certificate of participation.


For: YALI Face2Face, Abuja

Ovo Otarigho


Folow: @yaliabuja @ovonicely

Email: [email protected]

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