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You Can Start Bead Making With N10,000

By Mudiaga Affe

In contemporary Nigeria, where the cost of starting a business is constantly on the rise, there appears to be succour for those who may have genuine interest in the art making of beads. 

The Managing Director, Tejaff Multi-Concept Limited in Lagos, Mrs. Linda Ozoh, explains that starting up a bead making business does not really entail much.

She, however, says that to succeed, one must have a passion for it. 

One should be interested in the act of bead making, not looking at the monetary gains at the initial stage. Outside showing interest, one has to be creative, she adds.

According to her, with a minimum of N10,000, one can start the business at home in order to save the cost of getting a shop or office accommodation. As one progresses, there could be a the need to get an ideal location for the business, she points out.

She says that the equipment needed to start up the business include cutter, string and hooks of various colours, silver and gold accessories, beads of different qualities, colours and types, among others.

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She notes that different designs can be done as laid out by the maker imagination. Designs, however, largely depend on the kind of design customers want. 

She says that materials for the different types of designs could range between N500 and N3,000, or slightly more if using high quality beads. With the initial production, which may just involve about two customers, one can grow as the profits come in, she says.

Ozoh also discloses, Depending on the quality of beads, a string of bead may cost about N300, and it does not mean that you are going to use that one string to make complete bead, the layers will determine that. In some cases, one can use two to four strands. Again too, one can get strand of beads that are up to N5, 000, these are coral beads of the higher qualities. There are also some other accessories (silver or gold) that will be needed to bring out the beauty in the design of the bead. Even with the low price, there are some gold and silver accessories which can hardly get tarnished. 

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She says after procuring these accessories, one can make beads, with earrings and pendants from the same materials. According to her, price ranges from between N2,500 to N40,000 in some cases. What determines the price of the already made bead is the creative design, she adds. The design gives it a unique look that would bring out the value. 

In categorising the price range, Ozoh emphasised that the cheaper ones, which also come out good may cost N1,500 to make and could be sold for between N2,500 and N3,000. The gain is therefore above 80 per cent, she says. She adds, With a total of N15,000 to N20,000 spent on material, one could sell it between N30,000 to N40,000.

As to getting designs that will attract customers, creativity is the major player in this regard. Sometimes, when you get to know your clients, you could think of designs that are suitable to them, taking into cognisance their physical looks and what they like. You could also come up with a unique design from your imagination that is not common. Other sources of design ideas could come from fashion magazines, those designs may give you an idea of the kind of bead you want to make. 

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She further points out that different occasions and outfits call for different designs, ranging from wedding, corporate, casual outing, dinner party and so on. At every point in time, you have to know what your client needs it for so as to be able to give appropriate advice.

After establishing your presence within a small community as a bead maker, it will be imperative that you get a shop in a good location where you can showcase your business to the larger society, she advises.

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