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4. 1. 1. Fitness Hangout (4saturdays 1venue 1hour) by PRESTIGE FITNESS & WELLNESS

The 4.1.1 fitness hangout is a free event design to promote a healthy lifestyle among individuals. it is an event for 4 saturdays taking place at 1 venue for 1 hour.

The fitness hangout is gear towards spurring individuals to kickstart a healthy lifestlye culture and also those in the journey already by helping them maintain and sustain the healthy lifestyle culture as we bring fitness and wellness culture into play for better health benefits.

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The event is promising to be fun as it will comprises from Cardio/Aerobics Exercise,HIIT, Weightloss, Endurance and Strength fitness training.

See you there.


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Regard Confidential Hotel & Suites

2/4, Olayiwola Street,Abule-Odu


Egbeda, Lagos 23401

contact: 08024049757

twitter: @prestigefitng


email: [email protected]

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