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What Is Cholera?
This is a disease that spread through contaminated water. In severe cases, immediate treatment is needed because death can occur within few hours.
Modern sewage and water treatment have effectively eliminated cholera in most countries.     
Cholera is caused by bacteria called Vibrio cholerae. It can rapidly lead to dehydration. The deadly effects of the disease are the result of a potent toxin called CTX that the bacteria produce in the small intestine. CTX interferes with the normal flow of sodium and chloride when it binds to your intestinal walls. When the bacteria attaches to the small intestine’s walls, your body begins to secrete large amounts of water that lead to diarrhea and rapid loss of fluids and salts.
Cholera is not usually passed from person to person through casual contact.


Causes of Cholera

Symptoms/Signs of Cholera