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Yellow fever

What Is Yellow fever that causes (Jaundice)?  


Yellow fever is a tropical viral disease affecting the liver and kidneys, causing fever and jaundice and often fatal. It is transmitted by mosquitoes.
Yellow fever is a viral hemorrhagic infection transmitted by mosquitoes of the Aedes genus.
The yellow fever virus is a single-stranded RNA virus that belongs to the Flavivirus genus. After transmission of the virus occurs, it replicates in regional lymph nodes and subsequently spreads via the bloodstream.
In severe cases yellow fever causes a high fever, bleeding into the skin and the death of cells in the liver and kidneys. Liver damage results in severe Jaundice yellowing of the skin hence the name (yellow fever).
Causes of Yellow fever
Yellow fever is caused by a virus carried by mosquitoes. You can catch this disease if you are bitten by a mosquito infected with this virus. Anyone can get yellow fever, the elderly have a higher risk of severe infection.
Symptoms/Signs of Yellow fever
Yellow fever has the same symptoms as other tropical disease such as malaria and typhoid, the symptoms are:
Yellow fever has three stages:
Symptoms/Signs of stages 1:

Symptoms/Signs of 2 (Acute Phase):

This phase usually lasts for three to four days. Common symptoms include:
Fever and other symptoms go away. ...

Symptoms/Signs of Stages 3 Toxic Phase (intoxication):


The symptoms that you experienced in the acute phase. these include:
Problems with many organs may occur
The heart
The Liver
The Kidney                                       
How to diagnose Yellow fever
Yellow fever is diagnosed by your symptoms and laboratory tests, including IgM-capture ELISA, MIA (microsphere-based immunoassay) and IgG ELISA, performed on blood sampled during acute illness.
Incubation Period
If a person is bitten by an infected mosquito, symptoms usually develop 3 - 6 days later.
How to Prevent Yellow fever
Avoid Mosquito Bites (the same prevention with Malaria)
Get Vaccinated:
Yellow fever vaccine is recommended for persons aged ≥ 9 months who are traveling to or living in areas at risk for yellow fever virus.
A single dose of the yellow fever vaccine provides protection for at least 10 years.
Treatment for Yellow fever
You doctor you get you all the necessary drugs for the symptoms, You should also the all these for quick recovery:
Yellow fever Home Remedies/Home Cure
Cinchona Officinalis Bark
Get small bunch of cinchona officinalis bark and boil it in half a liter of water. Then sieve the water and let it cool down.
Then take half of one glass cup and drink thrice daily for a period of 5days and if there is no difference within five days go and see your doctor.
Bell pepper: is very useful in curing deadly fevers, particularly yellow fever. Regular consumption of capsicum is recommended to all patients suffering from yellow fever
Garlic : is also used widely for curing the ailment of yellow fever and all its related symptoms. This herb is a natural tonic which is packed with anti inflammatory, anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties.
Eat about 8 to 10 cloves of raw garlic on a regular basis. You can also crush and equal amount of garlic cloves and mix it with milk and drink every night before going to
Get one or two unripe pawpaw wash it and the back, put water in a clean container , then cut the whole pawpaw inside(including the back and the seed)add water of room temperature, leave for two days, on the third day start drinking
Dosage: one glass cup three times a day until you feel better.
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Complications of Yellow fever
The list of complications that have been mentioned in various sources for Yellow fever includes: