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Your health determines the extent to which you can use your body, soul, mental faculties and all your God given endowments, resources and potentials to achieve your life goals.

Your lifestyle determines the state of your health. The state of your health right now is the sum total of lifestyle decisions you made in the past.

Your future state of health is being determined now by the choices your make right now...

The what, when and how of what you let into your system through your mouth, your style of breathing, your sleeping pattern, your daily body movement (couch potato, sedentary lifestyle versus agile and active) and other factors determine the extent to which you draw on your potentials.

Whatever your vocation, the healthier you are, the better your performance in all spheres of life, physically, mentally or spiritually. The state of your health to a large extent determines how far you go in life. If you suffer a heart attack, stroke or end up bed ridden in hospital, your degree of freedom is limited to the level of the severity of your case. These situations arise due to past poor lifestyle choices, effects which accumulate over time till it gets to a crisis point and results in a hospital emergency, and in fatal cases, death "after a brief illness".

To help improve public awareness to the effects of poor lifestyle choices to your health, well being and old age (whether you will be straight and agile at and healthy 80, or bent with a walking stick, going in and out of hospital), we have decided to launch Galleria Health and Lifestyle, to put more health and lifestyle information (within the Nigerian context) into the public domain, so that people can earlier on in life make more informed choices that will determine their present and future well being.

Watch this section for new articles, links and resources for a healthier you.

Galleria health and Lifestyle is for information only, and does not substitute expert medical advice. Please consult your doctor before you commence and exercise or diet regime featured in this website.

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