Popular Markets in Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom Market

Abak Main Market
Abo Market
Affiong Market
Eket Main Market
Ibno Market Eket
Ikot Ekpene Main Market
Itam Market
Offiong Etok Market
Obong Anang Market
Oron Market
Ura Bom Market
Urua Oto Market
Uyo Main Market

Abak Main Market
You will see big fishes, crayfish and melon, bare sticks of fishes, Palm fruits and now she produces her palm oil to sell. In proof of that, you will get a drum of palm oil all in a very cheap and affordable price. Vegetables like Afang leaves in big bundles.

Ikot Ekpene Main Market
Ikot Ekpene main market is a great market for the handcraft of cane furniture, baskets, mats and other similar items that are made in the town. Ikot Ekpene is also an embodiment of the rich culture and tradition of the Anang people.
Ikot Ekpene main market can be reached by air indirectly through the Uyo airport and connected by road. Aba, Onitsha, Calabar, Port Harcourt are all surrounding cities that have road networks that lead to Ikot Ekpene.

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