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Does your baby need supplements?



Does your baby need supplements?

In this article we will try to figure out whether your baby needs vitamin supplements, and how to choose them right.

First of all, of course, it’s all about quality. Especially when it comes to baby’s health.  If you don`t know where to buyhigh-quality baby care products, visit! Jiji is one of the largest Nigerian marketplaces. Here you will find a great variety of goods in all kinds of categories at the lowest prices!

Vitamins are one of the most important components of human nutrition. These biologically active substances are involved in metabolism, tissue building, maintaining full immunity, growth and development of the child (physical and intellectual).

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Their biological role mainly lays in participation in enzymatic processes as active enzymes — catalysts for chemical reactions in the human body. Part of vitamins is formed in the body (e.g., vitamin D is formed in the skin, B vitamins aresynthesized in intestine), another part comes with food.

Even with good appetite and proper diet you can’t fully satisfy the need for vitamins. For example, in order to meet thedaily need for vitamin A (is necessary for growth, immunity, etc.) a child should consume slightly more than one egg, or 400 grams of ricotta, or 200 grams of cream.


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For an adequate use of vitamin C, the diet should include at least 100 grams of citrus or 60 grams of green onion. It is clear that you won’t be able to fill the need for vitamins this way.

Baby is supplied with vitamins from breast milk, bottle-fed children receive vitamins in the composition of mixtures. In special cases (illness, stress, accelerated growth, enhanced mental and physical exertion) children need supplemental vitamins.

In most cases, these are vitamin complexes. But before you buy a drug in a drugstore, keep in mind that a physician only can make a prescription of this drug, taking into account the needs, characteristics of child development, climate, season and other factors.

Currently there is a wide variety of vitamins and various supplements on the market of pharmaceutical products, including the ones for children. From the pediatrician’s point of view, if the child has a diverse diet and has no special therapeutic diet, he/she gets enough vitamins and minerals per day.

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However, there are not much quality foods nowadays. Long-term storage and processing of products reduces vitamin content in them. It is therefore advisable to choose special baby food products that are enriched with essential vitamins according to age-related needs.

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