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Social media, anxiety and depression in youths.

“Millenials”, understandably known as “Generation Y”, “The Global generation” or if you like; “Generation Me” (considerably applied to individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st Century) are according to Psychologist Jean Twenge described as: More Confident, Assertive,

Photography set to reach new heights amid astounding inspiration

Photography set to reach new heights amid astounding inspiration

Photography set to reach new heights amid astounding inspiration During May this year international superstar Rihanna made history when she became the first female to launch an innovative brand, known as Fenty Maison, at the LVMH luxury goods collective. Although the

Nigeria: The Rise and Rise of Technology Startups

The digital revolution has been marked with advancements in technology, which has revamped our lives. The world is drastically shifting to a digital age where everything is computerised. However, Africa has not been able to measure up with other tech-savvy

5 reasons high-speed internet is crucial for business

Speed may kill on the highway, but lack of speed caused by a slow Internet connection kills your business productivity resulting in missed opportunities. What was fast a couple of years ago is slow today. More people and more Internet-linked

Google Chrome now mark sites without ‘HTTPS’ as not secure.

The latest version of Google Chrome, Chrome version 68 have started marking any website that does not have SSL certificate as NOT SECURE. Google is trying to make the internet safer for everyone so it is trying to for website

Best language translator Apps for travellers

The major problem travelers encounter all over the world is the language barrier. The just concluded world cup in Russia attracted people from all over the world and the funny thing is Russia is not even an English speaking country

7 advantages of using VPN services in Nigeria

The general notion that VPNs are mostly used by Nigerian yahoo boys and fraudsters is not true. Just like social media, even though the creators of VPNs did it with the best intentions, people will always find ways to abuse

Bang for your buck: 3 Smartphones with a great price & good Specs to consider


Pretty soon, smartphones will become pretty much the only computers we’ll use. They are already powerful enough to handle all of our entertainment needs from games and social networks to movies and playing at Betway Nigeria, and secure enough to

Best gadgets 2018: the top tech you can buy right now

Choice paralysis is something that you may or may not have heard of, but you’ll definitely have been affected by. It’s the thing that happens when you’re given so many options that you end up not being able to make

Settings & Features You Should Never Disable on Your Phone

It’s quite possible to use the same smartphone for years without anything going wrong. It’s also possible to use a new smartphone for two months and lose everything. Theft, software issues, and hardware damages are some of the dangers of

Why Your Smartphone Camera Takes Blurry Photos

You bought a new phone and just after a month or two, pictures from the camera no longer look like they use to be. Photos now appear blurry, and the overall camera performance has deteriorated. If this is what you’re

Five features you must disable on new Android/Smartphones


You may need to disable the following five features from a new smartphone you have just bought, according to Androidpit.com. Automatic brightness and other features that affect battery life Manufacturers offer an automatic brightness system. The smartphone detects the ambient

How to Opt-out Or Cancel Mtn Callertunez

MTN CallerTunez allows and entertains anyone who calls you to enjoy their favorite musics while waiting for you to pick your call which you will have to pay a service charge of about 50 per month or N20 per Week.

Reasons why fake web hosting reviews are the plague of the internet

We all started blogging with a specific goal in mind. No one starts writing randomly. At least no one should. You blog because you want to achieve something. You want to promote your freelancing services. Your business, brand, cause… Or

How to run two WhatsApp accounts on one phone

Often, I have wondered if there is a reliable way to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. Even though there are apps that create parallel instances such as Parallel Space or Samsung secure folder in my phone I

How to deal with or block content curation on your blog

Struggling to get traffic is one of the many challenges of blogging, but it gets worse when someone is trying to steal all your work without lifting a finger. It’s even worse when your copied content makes it to Google

VPS hosting and the best VPS hosting websites in 2018.

Best VPS Hosting Let’s say all is set for your business to go online, but one thing key element is missing — hosting. But that seems to be no problem. There’s Google, right? You go in search of the best web hosting websites and