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Characteristics of A good Trading Platform

As trading gains popularity all over the world, we have noticed an upsurge in the creation of trading platforms. Every software developer with knowledge in the finance world is trying to create the next big thing that both veterans and newbies will find useful.

But beware, not every developer has your best interests at heart; some are just creating bait to lure an unsuspecting investor a raw deal. It is quite unfortunate that someone would con another person millions and sleep well at night. And so, you have to be skeptical where you put in your money. And the following characteristics can be a reflection that a trading platform is legit, so read on.

  1. User-friendly interface

When you take a look at a platform such as Metatrader 5, right off the bat, you will be able to see they are a legitimate company. At a glance, you can maneuver through the site. This here is the first thing to look at when you are looking for a good trading site. If you are met with confusing imagery, unreadable text and non-responsive buttons, run run run!

  • Security

The second important thing to look at is how secure the site is. Indeed you cannot tell by just looking at a website but by digging a little deeper. One pointer to a secure site is the certification and licensing it holds. If it has both from your state, then you can start trading through it. A safe site means that your money is in good hands. And in the event things go south, your payments will be returned.

  • Easy accessibility
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A good trading platform must have easy accessibility via all devices. Meaning if you were to trade using your phone, it should be as easy as doing it on a browser. Also, the network needed to load up the site’s pages must be manageable such that even when the connection is not stable, you can still access it and always do your bidding.

  • An array of asset markets featured

The more the asset markets, the better. When a trading platform has these, it merely means that they qualify to represent those markets. If they were a shoddy business, they would not have been accepted as a representative. This, however, must be highly confirmed as some sites are specific to one kind of trading like the forex.

  • Straightforward analytics

In conclusion, another characteristic of a good site is straightforward analytics featured on the platform. If you are looking for analytics on the forex market, that is precisely what you should get, nothing else. If you seek something and get another thing, then that site is not the one for you.


Settling on a platform to trade is somewhat a matter of life and death. Life in that it may change your financial status and death in that you could lead you to the losing side of things just as fast. And that is why you must make sure you get the best of the best. With that said, happy trading.