How to Create an E-Commerce Store with Shopify

The emergence of ecommerce took the world of business by storm as businesses could now operate without a brick & motor shop. But instead of that, they now need high—functioning & high-speed online stores for taking the buyer and seller connection to the very next level. Most businesses now opt for Shopify ecommerce development as it is a one-stop solution that helps merchants with website development, designing, hosting, and a lot more. A technologically advanced website is needed in today’s time so that the business remains according to the latest trends. Now let us learn about how Shopify web developers will help you with high-end website creation.

Let’s Understand What to Consider When Building An eCommerce Website.

Website development is never an easy task, but platforms like Shopify development are changing the scenario. Even a novice without technical skills can easily create websites on these platforms. But when you go for Shopify ecommerce development with a professional, you can get several hands-on customizations. By gauging your web development skills or experience, you can appoint an expert Shopify developer or choose to do it yourself. If you are choosing the latter option, then begin by taking a look at the following steps. How to build an ecommerce website step by step is mentioned below:


  • Get the Store Name Right: The first step is to select a name for the online store. Do not choose it randomly, as the website name will reflect your brand. Select catchy words that define your brand well. The title should offer a lucid clue about your store to potential buyers. The name generator tool of Shopify is the best for this purpose.
  • Select a Shopify Plan: Selecting hosting and domain, uploading the website, paying for the maintenance of the website and configuring the server were tasks that kept merchants engaged in earlier times. But in the present era, we have platforms like Shopify where it is possible to set up e-stores with just a few clicks. There is no hassle of server management, too, with today’s ecommerce website development. Shopify registration enables you to choose from various plans per needs for creating online shops in mere minutes. The three plans that are accessible right now are Shopify, Advanced Shopify and Basic Shopify.
  • Selecting the Theme: Upon registration of the ecommerce store, the following step is selecting the theme for the store. For any eCommerce website development project, it is crucial to choose a theme that will make the appearance of the store appealing to the users. Shopify web developers also offer Shopify development services beneficial when you need a customized theme for the website.
  • Adding a Logo: Create an eye-catching logo as it will be an exclusive identity of your business. Evaluate various logos till you select the most suitable one.
  • Arranging the Standard Pages: An essential website contains various web pages like Home, Privacy and Return Policy, About Us and Terms and Conditions.
  • Adding Payment Gateway: The most integral of online shopping is online payments. Users can quickly pay online when you integrate payment gateways such as PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, and many more. Along with these configurations and setups, configuring shipping settings and setting up the billing information is also crucial.
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Why Choose Shopify?

In both instances where you build an ecommerce website or a simple one, you will need to present uniqueness for achieving success. Irrespective of the products or services you are offering on the website, a unique feel and look can captivate more visitors. Developing a fantastic website is also possible with customization along with specific features. Creating a wholly customized website is a breeze for experienced Shopify web developers.

Notable Shopify Features

If you are about to set up your retail business, you need to use Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus versions. The version you select also depends on the budget and needs. Both versions comprise excellent features, but there are distinctions in the context of functionality. Other than that, let us now learn about few striking Shopify features:


  • More than 100 available theme
  • PWA-enabled
  • Multilingual platform
  • Noteworthy speed and performance
  • Tax integration
  • Hundreds of different apps available to enhance your eCommerce store
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24* seven support
  • POS integration


Final Say

Entrepreneurs globally are now investing more in Shopify eCommerce development for getting hands-on top-notch ecommerce websites. With the mounting effectiveness of digital technologies, businesses are directly engaging in eCommerce for growth and earning more revenue. Following this, the correct technology and expertise is vital for shaping a perfect website. Shopify is the best ecommerce platform, and along with the most in-demand Shopify web developersthey can develop a broad array of ecommerce stores. Getting an edge in the current competitive market for your ecommerce business demands the experience and expertise of a Shopify development company. Get in touch with the experts today to help your business reach the top.

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