Working from home? Here’s a guide to achieving high productivity

Yes, jobs are getting more flexible. With the changing economy and the availability of wireless internet, more people are working remotely. Although this might seem like a dream come true (what’s not to love about working in your sleepwear if you feel like?), however, you might encounter some constraints that will impede productivity.

Don’t be caught off guard, here’s a guide to boosting productivity!

  • Create a comfortable workspace

While it may be tempting to work wherever in the house you find yourself, it is best to create a proper workspace. Setting up your workspace puts you in a better position to focus and stay comfortable while working. At the minimum, you should set up a desk and chair in a specific part of your home to get your work done. 

  • Play subtle background music or sound (white noise)

If you’re a music lover, you can play whatever tune that makes your work more fun and livelier. You should, however, avoid songs that would take your concentration off the tasks you have to deliver on.

  • Cut off distractions

Distractions come in various forms. Friends and family may often interrupt your workflow and that can suck. To tackle this, before getting into ‘work mode’ try making a polite public announcement to those around you, asking them to give you some time to complete your work. Other distractions like constant notification beeps, phone calls or chats should also be minimized.


  • Time yourself

It’s wise to give yourself a specific time you would need to accomplish certain work tasks and outline them in a to-do list to help you be better organized. It is always fulfilling to meet a deadline you set for an important task. 

  • Give yourself a break
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You know what they say about all work and no play. Give yourself a break. This goes hand in hand with setting up a specific time/goal while at work. Some folks might want to schedule their break depending on how much in the zone they are, however, you should consider setting fixed breaks for lunch or a snack. 


  • Track your progress

Don’t just go all out on full beast mode without tracking your progress. Check how much you were able to accomplish in a specific time and see how to make improvements whenever needed.

  • Stay connected

Working remotely could easily cause a disconnect with those you are working for and you don’t want them thinking you bailed on them. So, endeavour to stay connected to your colleagues and/or your clients when working from home.

Source: flexxzone.fcmb.com

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