How to encourage reviews about your business

Product reviews are rates and comment customers leave after patronizing your business. Studies show that 67% of people consider buying a product only if it has positive ratings and reviews.

Reviews can come in different forms; it could be a chat between the brand and the customer, or a comment. Whichever it is, good reviews are awesome for your business and are very much needed.

Here’s how to encourage people to give good reviews.

  • Give them a reason: Personalized notes in the package of the purchased item can trigger satisfactory reviews. Customers love these little gestures and will have no problem giving reviews about the packaging.
  • Do a follow-up: Contact people who have patronized your product or service, and ask them what they think about it.
  • Publicize their reviews: Let potential customers see what people are saying about your product. You can include their name and photo when reposting their reviews with their permission of course.
  • Reward people who review your products: It could be a 10% discount off their next purchase after they provide honest reviews about your product.
  • Run a contest: Treat your customers and potential customers to a contest. This way, you can effectively market your business with a little help from your customers. The more customers you get, the larger the possibilities of feedbacks.

Do you have more tips on increasing customer testimonials? Share with us in the comment section below!

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