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How to make your Jewellery last longer

pecially your sentimental ones such as your engagement ring, but it’s always a good idea to remove them when doing housework of any kind. Cleaning agents are very harmful to all of the most luxurious precious metals and stones.

Such metals will lose their natural lustre and shine and crystalline structures of gems can become irreparably damaged. An alternative to removing your jewellery is to wear protective gloves, but if you have particularly elaborate rings, it’s best to remove them to avoid the chance of them being bumped or broken while doing physical work.

Don’t wear your jewellery while swimming

Though it’s tempting to wear your jewellery all the time, wearing it in the water is never a good idea. The water in swimming pools, be they chlorine or salt based ones, are harmful to your jewellery. The salts and chemicals present, combined with the effects of submersion in liquid, can compromise the structural integrity of your gemstones and ruin the complexion of your precious metals.

Jewellery must always be removed when having a hot shower. The prolonged exposure to water, high temperatures, as well contact with any skin or hair products you may be using, will spell certain death for your jewellery items.

Having a small container in your bathroom where you can place your jewellery while you’re in the shower, can ensure that you won’t forget to take your jewellery off.

Understand the correct way to clean your particular jewellery items

Understanding the right techniques and cleaning utensils to use for your specific jewellery pieces is essential to keeping them in top condition and prolonging their lifespan. Rather than using generic cleaning tools and solutions, its best to use ones that have been purposely designed for your metals and gemstones.

Be extra cautious when using mechanical cleaning equipment to brighten and beautify your jewellery. Using the wrong ones can have disastrous consequences.

If you wish to know the best methods of looking after your beloved jewellery pieces, consult with a trusted jewellery store.