Quality relationship advice you can actually put to use

Some good relationship advice for anyone having relationship stress or have gone through a separation or divorce and haven’t been able to get things together. .

Where have you been getting your relationship advice from a newspaper or a magazine? If so that’s the problem mainly right there. Well known newspapers and romantic movies might depict alot of tips on getting a date and what to do after you get them home that evening, but they seldom show you anything to ensure a strong, lasting relationship. So for a change here are some quick tips that you can literally put into action.

Establish your trust!

A great deal of relationship advice focuses mostly on trust because it is absolutely the rock solid foundation for a caring and lasting relationship, while trust may grow on it’s own, adding some extra effort into it will never hurt matters. How to do that you may wonder?

To begin with be responsible.

When you tell them your going to call them, then phone home, when you say your going show up, get there and on time. Don’t tell them your going to do things you have no intention of doing, “like taking out the trash or helping with the kitchen later on.” And when you have an argument, try to be considerate and not dig at your mate’s weak spots, consider their feelings even though you don’t feel the same way they do at the moment.

Please don’t ignore money issues!

Not your average relationship advice, but it is very relevant. i f you share the bills then you owe it to yourselves to talk to each other on these matters. I know it’s not fun to discuss finances, and even less fun when your in financial trouble due to bad planning. You don’t have to let it get like that.

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Even in a relationship with only one person working, you should both talk about your finances. To keep issues from occurring put aside some time once a month ( when your paying bills) would an ideal time to talk about your finances. Once you start doing it, it will be way less stressful on both of you.

Always put an to end arguments!

It’s inevitable one day they do that one little annoying thing “again” and all of a sudden your screaming at each other. The main thing is not preventing this from happening, but how you react when it does happen, and stopping it. As a matter fact, the ability to end post-argument tension will make or break a relationship. How’s that for priceless relationship advice?

After you realize your arguing session has gone far enough, try using alittle gentle humor, say something considerate to your mate, or at least acknowledge that you both ultimately have the same goals. If you’re still feeling snappy, take a time out to get your head clear, and let your emotions settle.

Converse on things that matter! You ever hear the saying “we live in the same house, but separate lives”? and then wonder why a relationship turns out like that? It all begins with a lack of serious conversation. Real relationship-sustaining conversation don’t mean what happened in the game or how the soaps are going. It means talking about your emotions from day to day, talking about your dreams of the future, and maybe even some of your fears.

To maintain and keep a sustaining relationship requires trust, strong communication, and attention to the more important things in life. Don’t let the newspapers and romantic movies fool you, because the best relationship advice isn’t about a box of chocolate’s or sending flowers.

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