Take it outside: Outdoor hobbies that are worth trying

Hobbies are your chance to do something fun, interesting, and creative; the best pastime choices for you have to be the ones that you’re passionate about. For some people, going outside and spending most of their time outdoors is a wonderful opportunity to try new things for fun. So, if you love going outside but not sure what you can do there, you can check out the list we’ve complied of some of the best hobbies that you can do outdoors.

Identifying Birds, Insects, and Plants

While a lot of people adore nature and what it has to offer, many of them didn’t experience seeing it all with their own eyes. Instead, they see it only on T.V or through the screens of their computers and mobile. A great way for you to get to know nature is by getting out to the woods with your wildlife field guide and your camera and notebook ready, and then start searching for different flowers, roots, birds, or even insects. Catalog each one and see if you can find it in your field guide. It’s a nice way of spending your free time outdoors capturing photos of all nature has to offer. You might even find a nice rare bird that you’ve never seen up close before!

Nighttime Sketching

A lot of artists love sketching things as they move around: it could be anything from people, trees, animals, to stars and a lot more. Yet, sometimes it’s much more exciting to be able to sketch things at night with the dark shades and moonlight shining down. For that, you’re going to need special gear with you. According to the experts at Outdoors Magazine believe that tactical flashlights and pens are perfect for this kind of hobby because they can keep you safe. You’ll be to wander around in the woods at night sketching everything you like while being protected too. The light can scare off any predators, and the pen can be used for self-defense as well as sketching the most beautiful views you can see in the great outdoors.

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Scavenger Hunting

This is an amazing hobby that you can do with your loved ones, and it gets ten times better when it’s outdoors. You get a list of items that you can find outside and a scoreboard to see who’s in the lead. The hunt can go on for as long as you like, depending on whether all the items on the list were found or not. Someone be assigned as a moderator to make sure everything is going smoothly, and it will be their job to score people. You can choose for the hunt to be done solo or in groups; it’ll depend on how many friends or family members are there. Overall, this can be a very fun hobby to do as a group every weekend or so.


Another great way for you to enjoy the outdoors and have some fun is hiking, so get your hiking shoes ready and plan it all out. You can do it alone or with loved ones; it purely depends on your mood. Just remember to pack all the essentials: you will need water, snacks, sandwiches, socks, hats, sunscreen, and possibly a trekking/hiking pole to help you on your journey. The most important thing is to savor every moment, breathe in the nice fresh air with every step you take, get those muscles stretched, and enjoy this awesome hobby every time you’ve got some free time on your hands. 

Outdoor Yoga

We all know that you can get a nice exercise from a yoga session, but it’s a lot more effective when you do it outdoors. This hobby is great because it puts your mind and body at ease, especially after a long or hectic week at work. You can regain your energy levels, boost your cardio health, increase your muscle strength, push your flexibility limits, and meditate properly because you’re in the open. You get a chance to practice reaching inner peace while breathing in that nice fresh air; being outside and surrounded by nature can amplify that effect tremendously.

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So, you can start doing this hobby outdoors and experience better physical, mental, and emotional health too. Some of the hobbies are simple and easy, and some are a bit adventurous and exotic. The most important thing is that you choose the ones that you love and make you happy. Everyone has their opinion on how to spend their free time; you can choose to spend it by doing the things you love and the things you care about. And if you’re an outdoor aficionado, then you’ll love doing most of these hobbies. 

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