The pot revolution: 5 Countries that might legalize Cannabis after Canada

Canada is the first G7 country – the group of the countries with the strongest economies that includes, among others, the United States, Germany, and Japan – to legalize the production, consumption, and sale of cannabis on a federal level. Aside from the decrease in criminality after the legalization of its use (statistics say that around 50,000 cannabis-related arrests were made in Canada last year) legal marijuana is set to boost Canada’s economy with a market value of at least $4 billion a year. These two seem incentives enough for other countries to go their way – and, apparently, they are. Many other countries around the world are at least discussing the possibility to legalize cannabis consumption, following the example set by Canada.


French president Emmanuel Macron has eliminated sentences for minor cannabis-related crimes almost immediately after taking office – and he also suggested that he wanted to change more of the country’s laws related to cannabis use. France has tried – and failed – to curb the locals’ cannabis use through severe punishment and high fines for years. This change of heart was meant to reduce the punishment on recreational users but there’s no word on legalization yet – perhaps the future will further change the stance of France’s legislature on the matter if this works.


Iceland is among the countries with the highest cannabis usage in Europe – even though it’s currently illegal there. Reports speak of some efforts being made to legalize cannabis use in the country but nothing specific has been decided yet.

Netherlands and Spain

Spain and the Netherlands have a similar stance on marijuana usage – while it’s basically illegal, the purchase and consumption of cannabis are allowed in certain specific outlets, like coffee shops and such. With more and more support for legal cannabis worldwide, they may change their own laws on the matter sometime in the future – it would be the logical next step for both.


Portugal was always among the more progressive countries when it comes to drug use – the state legislature has decriminalized consumption in 2000 and shifted to considering drug use a health issue rather than a crime. Right now, possession of cannabis for personal use is illegal in the country but not subject to any penalties for a first-time offence.

Czech Republic

Another progressive European country that might legalize cannabis use is the Czech Republic. The country already has some of the laxest drug policies in Europe and has legalized medical marijuana years ago. Soon, it may be the next country to fully embrace legal marijuana usage.

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