What happens to your Facebook Account after you die

Ever wonder What Happen To Your Facebook Account After You Die? This is a question that has been trending in Germany after a court ruling. While Facebook, a popular social media platform has millions of users over the world, many do not know what happen to an account after the user dies.

Under Facebook terms of service, it is illegal for a user to give someone else his login details to access his or her account. Since sharing your password and login details is against the platform rules, when a user dies, Facebook automatically has total control over the user’s digital content. What Facebook those, is that it will convert your account to a memorial page after ones die on the request of a family member. To change all that, a German court has delivered a ground breaking ruling that awards the content rights to a family member.

The new law came after a German family sued Facebook over ownership of their daughters Facebook account. The court ruled in favor of a young girl’s family saying the parent has the right to the content and also has the right to do whatever they wish with the account. The ruling not only granted the family access to the account, but also inherit to the little girl’s digital data. While we wait to see how this works in Nigeria, the new rule is currently applicable to only Facebook users in Germany.

So what do you think should happen to a user Facebook account after they die, should the family be granted access to the account or should Facebook just deleted the page. Please share your thoughts

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