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Words to Live By

It’s the heart that knows the path. The mind is just there to organize the steps.

It’s not about someone stealing our heart. It’s about restoring its aliveness. It’s about softening its armor. It’s about filling it up with light. When real love enters, it doesn’t take anything from us. It gifts us with the everything.

There are two forms of courage in this world. One demands that we jump into action with our armor on. The other demands that we strip ourselves bare-naked and surrender. Bravery is a curious thing.

So many break down because they cannot carry the weight of falsity any longer. They are breaking through to a more authentic consciousness. Sadly, this is often stigmatized as a ‘breakdown,’ as though they are machines that stopped working. We need to up-frame these experiences and see them for what they are: break-throughs for inner freedom. At some point, we just can’t carry the bullshit anymore and long to be real.

Success is finding a way to grow in the heart of a hopeless landscape. To that I bow.

Love needs an entry point. If our emotional body is all blocked up with unresolved material, there’s no way in. The more we empty the vessel before it comes, the more space there is for love to flourish. Healing our hearts gives love a place to land.

Anger is a river
Anger is a river. It wants to be released into the vaster ocean. It wants to move naturally.

Anger is a river. It wants to be released into the vaster ocean. It wants to move naturally. When we repress it with premature forgiveness, block it with false positivity, suppress it in the name of pseudo-peace, we dam(n) our natural flow. The river then turns inward, against the self; or explodes outwardly, against innocents. Better we express it when it arises—not in a way that is destructive to humanity—but in a way that is authentic and that restores the integrity of our being. Anger isn’t the enemy. Misplaced anger is. Let the river flow…

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The measure of a healthy society is not how effectively it elevates its achievers, but how compassionately it supports those who have fallen.

Those who feel like the darkness is overwhelming: Keep the faith. You are surely not alone. We are all stumbling for the light switch. We must share any light we find.

Love long and prosper.

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