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Photo Diary of an Urban Life

Postcards©️ is an exhibition about the migrants who believe there is still hope in Nigeria. These are the migrants who did not attempt to cross the Atlantic, just the Niger because they still believe in the Nigerian dream. It is in one sense is a testament to their dreams; an acknowledgment of their hopes and expectations.

We have assembled these photos as if they were a real life pictorial diary of their lives in Lagos sent back in the form of Postcards to their families in their rural origins. The irony is that there are no postcards and the victims keep coming and often never leave. They make up the soft underbelly of the Lagos working and begging class. If left unattended the city will be swarmed and overwhelmed by their issues.

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Postcards ©️ is an indirect commentary on the insidious and pervasive corruption which has made this a hostile working environment. Indeed it speaks of an issue which we often take too lightly. But it with the suggestive images showing young ladies of the night it seeks to go beyond mere rebuke. It is a call to arms for those who mean well because the ills of neglect are knocking at our door.

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As a commentary on urbanization, Postcards©️ shows that urbanization hasn’t been accompanied by industrialization. Much of Africa’s urbanisation is yet to take place,” “If the continent waits to be more than 50% urban it might be too late to reverse the unsustainable pathways.” Currently, about 40% of Nigeria’s population is urban, an increase of 8% from the late 1900S. Yet industrialization has not taken off and the Country continue to rely on resource extraction. Between 1980 and 2014, Africa’s GDP growth per capita compared to urbanization rates was extremely low compared to other regions of the globe.

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Perhaps It’s time to hatch out a plan. Perhaps it’s time to think outside the box… Government is clearly not the answer.. Perhaps its time for you and I and the well- meaning private sector to think harder.. dig deeper.

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Raymond Njoku, SW Ikoyi


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