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Utilizing Fumigation for Improved Well-being and Financial Success

Utilizing Fumigation for Improved Well-being and Financial Success

The presence of rodents or insects wandering in the living room or office apartment during a guest’s visit can lead to a considerable amount of embarrassment.

Rats, cockroaches, and other similar creatures don’t seem to understand the concept of staying out of sight in public places.

They prefer to coexist in pleasant environments if given the opportunity, which is why some comfortable, yet infrequently sanitized office apartments still accommodate them.

A survey reveals that many individuals have dealt with unwelcome visitors in their living spaces. It’s crucial to take proactive steps to prevent pests from entering.

It’s important to take intentional steps to keep unwanted tenants away. Environmental specialists say that having pests around is not only embarrassing, but also harmful to health and finance.

To combat this problem, a considerable number of individuals in Nigeria have been trading their knowledge for financial compensation by providing consultancy and janitorial services.

The challenge, according to Mr. Ola Kazim, CEO of Yaresh Cleaning Services, is substantial in its effects on people from all walks of life, irrespective of their financial status.

He describes pests as generally including flying and crawling insects, as well as other animals such as reptiles and microbes.

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Kazim says the need for pest control continues to generate concerns as human population increases.

These unfriendly friends feed on food remnants and dirtys. The rate at which their population multiples is alarming,
especially if not controlled at the right time. And this level of multiplication is what facilitates their penetration.

He cautions that if the problem is not nipped in the bud, it costs more and becomes more tasking to get rid of them at a later time.

He, however, adds that the fact that pests generally develop at a geometric rate ironically provides a wide business opportunity for the solution providers.

An environmental consultant, Mr. Henry Iloba, says apart from office apartments and homes, the challenge of controlling pests
in external environments poses more problems.

The prevalence of all kinds of insects, reptiles and mammals in public open drains and other hidden places means that there is the need for a proactive approach to controlling them.

This is what creates business opportunities for environmental experts.

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Kazim says that even though pests have relatively short life spans, the damages they are capable of causing may take a longer time to redress.

For instance, domestic rats can live for 24-28 weeks, but have the capacity to reproduce at least 25-28 rats within the same period.

Also, bedbugs can live for four to six weeks but have the capacity to produce at least 56 eggs each.

According to him, fumigation has gone professional considering the peculiar treatment to particular cases of pest invasion.

In costing a pest control contract, factors to bear in mind include the type of pest, the duration of the problem, the location, the human occupants and so on.

The Pest Control Association of Nigeria is the regulatory body of practitioners.

Recommendation from the body is important in ascertaining the credibility of practitioners owing to the high number of quacks in the market, he says.

The environmental expert says fumigation has taken a different dimension lately as occupants of the residence to be fumigated can return to their apartment after four hours.

This is an improvement on what used to be the case when a whole day’s break is required.

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A good fumigation ingredient controls pest as well as odour. You cannot completely address the situation until you contact an expert, Kazim says.

Speaking on the health implications of hosting pest such as cockroaches, bedbugs, rats, mosquitoes, flies, centipedes and other ants, he says some abnormal diseases can be contacted.

That is, apart from the discomfort they pose.

The level of children mortality and infections, he notes, can be traced to some damages caused by these pests.

Imagine the implication of cases when mosquitoes or bedbugs bite a sleeping baby; a baby having cockroaches or rats hovering
around him or her; or even having a child pick a cockroach into his mouth. It happens.

Furthermore, he emphasizes the significance of addressing the needs of various locations, including prisons, hospitals, health centers, police stations, and other similar establishments.

Private individuals could take up the challenge of providing services in these areas. The government can also provide the
orientation needed for people to effectively fumigate their environment to make Nigerians wealthier and healthier.


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