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Running a Lucrative Fish Breeding Business 

Running a Lucrative Fish Breeding Business 

Fish is adjudged to be a rich source of protein and this fact appears to provide a ready market for it.

They come in various species and also serve as a source of income for breeders and sellers.

In particular, the catfish, said to be common in big rivers and stream, usually prefers current and deep water with sand, gravel or rubble bottoms.

It also grows conveniently in lakes, reservoirs and pond.

Fish farmers have perfected the technique of breeding catfish in special ponds for easy production and distribution.

One key difference about the catfish compared to other species is that it enables the buyer to buy it live rather than being sold as frozen food.

Recently, it became more common to see women selling catfish in most markets and even by the road sides.

Having noticed the increasing demand for this breed of fish, Mr. Bobola Abayomi, the Chief Executive Officer, Bob-Agro Allied Consult, in Lagos, decided to venture into the business of producing catfish.

Today, he not only supplies to buyers, he also trains people on how to make a living from it.

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To start the business, he says, one needs to have sound knowledge about the product, because poor knowledge can cause a major loss.

For this breed of fish to thrive well, he says, they should be bred on a land where there is water.

To breed catfish, you will need a land space where there is sufficient water because water is a major necessity for breeding fish, he says.

In terms of capital for the business, he says that what one needs to invest in it will depend on the capacity of the business.

He adds, What is certain is that if you apply the right knowledge in breeding catfish, you will surely reap a good return from it.

For instance, to start with 500 fish, you require about N150,000.

He adds that if everything necessary is put in place, it is possible to realise hundred per cent returns from the business.

He, however, says there are challenges in breeding catfish.

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He says the main challenge that he experienced earlier in the business was that he did not have adequate knowledge, thus resulting in high mortality of the fish.

One major challenge is ignorance, which can really be costly, because it can cause the loss of ones entire investment, he says.

Abayomi says there are several strategies that can be deployed in breeding catfish, adding that one needs breeding tanks, a regular source of water and a number of fish.

He stresses the need to also insist on neatness and quality.

He says that a prospective investor needs to understand how the fish breeds, adding that seminars or practical experience should be sought to establish the foundation for a thriving business.

Having overcome the challenge of ignorance, Abayomi says that he began to expand his production to breeding fingerlings.

He recalls that one major thing that has encouraged him in the business is the fact that there is an increasing demand for the product.

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I noticed that there was a great demand for catfish but the supply for it was low, and I decided to venture into it. So far, it has been a lucrative business for me and I want to grow bigger in it.

Presently, I supply to sellers in Lagos, but plan to extend my business network to cover the South West, which I hope to achieve soon, he adds.

Another operator and the Chief Executive officer, Fishworld Ventures, Mr. Chuks Gabriel, supplies cat fish to retailers.

He narrates that at the outset, he attended a number of training programmes and seminars to gain knowledge about the business, which helped him to create a strong platform.

The business is capital intensive but without huge capital, you can still make do with about N80,000.

One major work that an investor would really need to do to grow faster in the business is to locate the right market.

Fishpond business is a lucrative one if you can get the right knowledge of breeding it and locate the right market,he says.

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