Ibeno Beach, Akwa Ibom State


Ibeno Local Government Area is located at the South end of Akwa Ibom State, occupying a vast coastal area of over 1,200 sq. km. It stretches from Okposo I at the eastern flank, bordering Mbo Local Government Area and Bakassi Pennisula to Atabrikang village on its Western flank. It is bounded in the South by the Atlantic Ocean and shares border with Eket, Esit Eket, Onna and Eastern Obolo local government areas.

Ibeno Beach stretches for about 30 kilometres from Ibeno to James Town along the Atlantic coastline of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. It is said to be the longest beach in West Africa. With its beautiful coastline, Ibeno provides endless natural facilities for tourism, water sporting, beach soccer and general boating.

The endless white sand dunes extending as far as the eyes can see along the Atlantic are unaltered by the waves that pour violently on the seashore. History has it that the area was first occupied around 1200-1500 BC by Ibeno indigenes.

The alluring array of trees lined along the beach provides good shelter from the burning rays of the sun for visitors looking for shade after sunbathing or taking strolls about the place.The beach provides an ample view of the Gulf of Guinea over which the scattered gas flares from ExxonMobil offshore oil platforms create a scintillating image of flaming tongues of fire on the sea.


Ibeno beach is the longest sand beach and most popular beach in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. It’s a fantastic beach that showcases the best of natural Nigeria.

Ibeno beach is located in Ibeno Local Government Area and is South of Eket LGA. Ibeno is also very popular for tourism since it was the landing site of the qua Ibo christian missions from scotland which was one of the most successful christian missions in Nigeria, in the early 20th century leading to the conversion of many Nigerians to the faith, Ibeno Houses a lot of relic of that missionary expedition.

Ibeno is also home to the Mobil/Exxon QIT terminal where crude oil is processed for export all over the world and has seasoned guards on patrol 24 hours a day to keep visitors safe and to ensure orderliness.