Lord Lugard's Residence Ikot Abasi


The British colonial master, Lord Lugard started living in the present day Ikot Abasi local government Area of Akwa Ibom state, around 1912. He built a network of structures which today are historical sites, to ease his stay and facilitate trading in the region.

These include his residence, his administrative office, the native authority building and his kitchen, the Beach Garden and others.Lord Lugard’s House, a wooden structure is still a beautiful sight to behold till date. With over 90 years of existence, the structure is yet to show any sign of dilapidation.

A first time visitor is likely to be struck by its simple technology. The wooden structure consists of his living room, the guest room and others. This was where, it was gathered, the British colonial master actually conceptualised the idea of amalgamating the country to be made up of North and South.

Apart from the solid structure that is still comparable with modern structures, there were several colonial buildings in this area that served as courts, offices, residential houses and recreational centres. All these facilities are still intact as when they were built. One significant historical fact is that the area is situated at the bank oImo River estuary, a tributary from where King Jaja of Opobo was shipped into exile.