Lake Efi Fishing Festival

Lake Efi Fishing Festival

This is a major festival that takes place at Efi Lake. It is a form of a homecoming for the sons and daughters of the town who use the occasion as means of giving thanks to the river goddess for a bountiful fish harvest.

The festival, which is usually celebrated every seven years subject to the pronouncement of the chief priest, involves canoe rides, a boat regatta and a fishing contest. During the festival, visitors are able to purchase fish of various sizes caught in the lake and sold at cheap prices.

Music and Dances

Bauchi is also rich in cultural dances which stem from its diverse cultural composition and historical antecedents. Among this cultural dances are;
(a) The state dance troupe which represents the richness and variety of ethnic traditions in the state.

(b) Kyaro war dance of the Warji ethnic group.

(c) Afizere dance, a traditional dance of the Jarawa people of the Toro LGA.

(d) The Takai dance (popular among the Hausa-Fulanis)

(e) The Ngat-al-Bajar dance (popular among the people of the Dass LGA).

(f) The Lawurba dance (peculiar to the Sayawa people of the Tafawa Balewa and Bogoro LGAs)

(g) Gere masquerade dance.

Lake Efi Fishing Festival

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