Ikwe Resort Igbor


The Ikwe Park lies on the A3 Road off the Makurdi road some 30 kilometres south of Makurdi, adjacent the village of Igbor. The Park was developed to compliment the Makurdi Zoological gardens.

An average size holiday resort “IKWE Holiday Resort” has already been built inside the Park with facilities including a conference hall, a lawn tennis court, generator house and sit-out facilities. The Resort is situated at a spot where “Mbakyu”, the ancestral spirit of the Ikwe people lived.

The mysterious tunnel is believed to be a point of no return to departing spirits. The flourishing of natural animal habitat including tigers, antelopes, hyenas, snakes, grass cutters and birds of all types are for the delight of tourists and visitors.

There is also a pre-historic man’s foot print which by local legend is amazingly adorned and venerated, believed to be the foot print of gods which brings good luck, health and prosperity to the Ikwe people. The Ikwe holiday resort is a complete package for any tourist.