Kwa Falls Cross River State

Kwa Falls


The Kwa Falls is located in Anegeje village in Akamkpa LGA of Cross River State and an extension of the Kwa River.

Its sparkling waters cascades down basement rocks situated at the Oban side of the Cross River National Park.

There are 234 steps made to the Kwa Falls, and the waterfall flows into a canopy of the tropical rainforest and mangrove forest that is rich in Mahogany, Ebony, and Spruce trees in a fascinating landscape.


The awe-inspiring plunge of the Kwa Fallsdescends through a wide vertical gash on a cliff cutting-across the Great Kwa River channel (also called Kwa Ibo River or Kwa River), which flows gracefully through Cross River State, south-eastern Nigeria, draining the east side of the beautiful city of Calabar.

The river is said to emanate in the Oban Hills, in the Cross River National Park, and flows southwards to the Cross River estuary.

All the year round, tourists and visitors at Calabar keeps trooping down to the the Kwa Falls for its amazing sight.