Igue Festival Edo State

Igue Festival

The Igue festival takes the pre-eminence among festivals celebrated in the state.It is celebrated every December by the reigning Oba and his subjects to marks the end of the Benins year and to usher in the new year and as a thanksgiving for the outgoing one.It is a festival brings good luck. It is the beliefs of the Edo people that the luck of their monarch is intertwined with the people over which the monarch reigns.The people look up to the oba for leadership. The Oba is the embodiment of the Edo culture and his luck becomes their own.

It is for this reasons that the Igue festival is celebrated every year.The festival usually begins with the anointing of the Oba's head with chalk signifying purity and the blood of the sacrificial animals which are usually slaughtered during the festival which is characterised with merriment.

The chiefs usually pay homage to the Oba. After the Oba has performed his own igue, members of the royal family perform their own on the third day and thereafter(three days later),the Edos celebrate their own igue.

Other Festivals
AGUEBenin traditional fasting period.
UGIOGUNIn memory of the god of Iron.
IHIEKHUThis festival is a thanksgiving ceremony to the HANDS which are considered to be creator of many things.
UGIE-ERHOBAIn memory of the reigning Oba's father.
EMOBOIn memory of the defeat of Arhuanran by Oba Esigie at Udo.
Some of the festival celebrated in Benin/Edo State:
•Ohonomoimen Festival Of Iuleha (Owans/Oras clan)
•Adu Ikukun Festival (Afemais/ Ivbiosakon Clan)
•Ukpe Festival (Esan/Ishan Clan)
•Ighele Festival (Esan/Ishan Clan)
•Oto Uromi Festival (Esan/Ishan Clan)
•Ivbamen Or Ororuen Festival Of Ozalla (Owans/Oras clan)
•Oriminyan Festival of Oguta- Evbiame (Owans/Oras clan)
Igue Festival