Isiokuo Festival Edo State

Isiokuo Festival

The festival is in honour of Ogun (The implement of war) which was used for the destruction of the man-eating monster "OSOGAN". At this festival, the Oba and his war chiefs parade the city in war costume and the ILOBI people fight a mock battle with poisoned arrows invented by the deity "AKE OF ISI" .

This festival ends with the AMUFI (the tree-top acrobats) performing their special rituals which remind the Edo people of the mystical power involved in the destruction of the monster OSOGAN. The AMUFI also specialises in catching the eagle for the Benin Royal Palace.

Other Festivals
AGUEBenin traditional fasting period.
UGIOGUNIn memory of the god of Iron.
IHIEKHUThis festival is a thanksgiving ceremony to the HANDS which are considered to be creator of many things.
UGIE-ERHOBAIn memory of the reigning Oba's father.
EMOBOIn memory of the defeat of Arhuanran by Oba Esigie at Udo.
Some of the festival celebrated in Benin/Edo State:
•Ohonomoimen Festival Of Iuleha (Owans/Oras clan)
•Adu Ikukun Festival (Afemais/ Ivbiosakon Clan)
•Ukpe Festival (Esan/Ishan Clan)
•Ighele Festival (Esan/Ishan Clan)
•Oto Uromi Festival (Esan/Ishan Clan)
•Ivbamen Or Ororuen Festival Of Ozalla (Owans/Oras clan)
•Oriminyan Festival of Oguta- Evbiame (Owans/Oras clan)
Isiokuo Festival