Tula Battlefield Gombe State


It was in Tula Battlefield the Colonial masters attacked Tula under the command of Calyle. History would tell you more than we can if you meet locals who are willing to chat up with you. A lot of wars were fought here, and ancient battle grounds are littered here and there. Take for instance the Bormi Battle site where Major F.C Mach and the Sultan Bajoga fought

Tula is endowed with an excellent temperate weather, beautiful landscapes with distinctive characteristics and such other tourist sites like wuré titilö(i.e. a fortified natural cave); where in the days of war, women, children and the elderly hide, while able young men go out to battle the enemies. The cave is large enough to contain hundreds of people and has a well inside to provide water. Other tourist sites are the areas of worship of dèyor and the alluvial rich low land of Yiri and Bwélé; bounded in all corners by stiff conical rocks, reminiscent of ancient volcanic activities.

In addition, volcanic rock formations like mountain rocks of dèkun kaltin, dèkun lo-lèw, Kibangbunang, lo-Bangkúú etc; are places worthy to be explored.It was this place that the British first attacked the people of Tula. It is a historic place to visit. It can also be an excursion location for students who are trying to mingle with colonialism.