Kallon Kuwa Festival Katsina State

Kallon Kuwa Festival

Kallon Kuwa is a post-harvest youth cultural festival. Its name is derived from Kallon Kowa which means "viewing for all" in Hausa. The festival started around 1935 and takes place annually in various villages, including Shinkafi, Dankanjiba, Dutsen Safe and Rimin Guza. It is held to express happiness for the successful completion of the cropping season and to celebrate the coming of "Kaka" - a time of prosperity in terms of abundant food and increased economic and social activities.

It is a time of leisure, entertainment and the promotion of cultural traditions after a long period of farming and also provides an opportunity for the youth to choose marriage partners.One of the most important activities which takes place during the early stages of Kallon Kuwa is a kind of drama in which the youth imitate the Hausa traditional form of authority, which emphasises the role of the Sarki (king) as the political head of the community as well as the custodian of the people's culture. Traditional wrestling, boxing, singing and dancing also take place.