Bina Footprints Niger State


These footprints could be seen on the hill top in Bina village near Muye some kilometers east of Lapai.

The footprints also called (Dauda Woyaba) footprints are also believed to be that of Dabo who started his journey from Bina, later went to Gulu, performed his ablution and built his mosque, stayed for some times before leaving for Kano.

The footprints are still visible on the rock at Bina hilltop.


The Bina Footprints is called Dauda Woyaba by the locals. You would see these visible footprints that are seen on a rock at a hill in a village called Bina.

Myth has it that it was a man called Dabo that has the footprints where he was observing his ablution rites.