Plateau State, Nigeria


The Riyom Rock is one of the most enchanting scenes in Nigeria and taking a look at the way these mighty boulders are arranged on top of one another in that delicate position for thousands, if not millions of years, one cannot but be awed by the majestic wonders of nature.

The rock formation is located in Riyom Town just 25 kilometres to the southwest of Jos, the capital city. The Riyom Rock is located in Riyom Local Government Area of the state and the area is predominantly populated by Berom people. When viewed from some angles, the formation resembles the map of Plateau State.

The formation is also popularly known as Three Rocks.There are several hills and natural rock formations in Plateau State with each qualifying to be treated on its own account. But the most popular among these are the Shere Hills, Wase Rock, and Riyom Rock formation among others.


Shere Hills is about 10 km east of Jos and an attraction to mountain climbers because of its high peaks and rugged terrains. The Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre uses the hills for their camping programmes.

Wase Rock is about 250 metres high above Wase town, and a delight to climbers given its 800-foot or 250-metre high ranges. Located in Riyom town just 25 km along the Jos-Akwanga road, the Riyom rock formation depicts the geographical map of Plateau State by nature and is a delight to compare to the map of the state.

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