Gradsky: With this squad, Spartak isn’t needed in European Cup.

A famous singer, poet and composer, an old Spartak fan Alexander Gradsky predicted that the “red-and-whites” will not be able to rise above 7-8th place in the RPL.

– Schurrle  is afraid to break down. He won`t succeed, he doesn`t need anything. My opinion: 5-6 people should stay in the team: Jikia, Umyarov, Maksimenko, Zobnin, Kral. Zhigo is only in question if he does what he is told, not run into the attack.

– Bakayev?

Bakaev – yes, maybe even his brother. Should come Sobolev, Zinkovsky, Lesovoy and 1-2 more people who know how to circle as Larsson or Ponce, will do what they are told, not live some life of their own. Soon the leader will be Kral, because he is almost infallible. But it’s even more important to sell. Yeshchenko? He runs pretty good, by the way, but he’s getting old… Gaponov – it is unclear whether he will play in the center of defense or not. Kutepov is also unclear, every second goal is from under him.

– What place will Spartak take at the end of the season?

– If nothing is done, it will remain in the 7th-8th. Spartak don`t need Euro Cups with such roster, he won`t achieve anything there.

“Rubin” showed Slutsky in the coach’s chair

The appointment of Leonid Slutsky as head coach of Rubin should take place in the coming hours, if not minutes. The Kazan club published on Twitter an animation with Slutsky, swinging in the coach’s chair “rubinian”.

Earlier Leonid Slutsky was fired from Vitess after five defeats in the Dutch championship in a row. In October, the Russian specialist showed the best start in the history of the club in Eredivizia. After nineteen rounds of the Premier League, “Rubin” takes thirteenth place in the standings.

  • 08 December 2019 – Sochi 1:1 Rubin Premier League
  • 30 November 2019 – Akhmat 1:1 Rubin Premier League
  • 23 November 2019 – Rubin 1:2 Zenith Premier League
  • 09 November 2019 – Rubin 0:1 Dynamo Moscow Premier League
  • 04 November 2019 – Wings of Soviets 0:0 Rubin Premier League
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Who’s gonna go into Slutsky’s headquarters at Rubin

On Friday, “Rubin” announced the signing of a five-year contract with Leonid Slutsky. According to the official website of the club in Kazan, Slutskiy’s coaching staff included coach Oleg Kuzmin, goalkeeper coach Sergei Kozko and physical training coach Javier Noia Salces, previously working at the club with Kurban Berdiev and Roman Sharonov. If Russian league is not your thing, choose your local clubs or other world-famous team.But if you feel like trying a new sport, try tennis betting odds.

After nineteen rounds of the Russian championship, Rubin takes only thirteenth place in the standings.  Earlier, “rubies” broke up with Roman Sharonov because of unsatisfactory results. Leonid Slutskiy returned to Russia after two unsuccessful attempts to gain a foothold in Europe. Slutsky worked six months in “Hall City” and a year and a half in Vitess.

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