How expired domains can win featured snippet & continue to grow

How Expired Domains Can Win A Featured Snippet And Continues To Grow

In a time where everything is online, businesses’ main goal has become to expand their reach in the digital world and create a powerful online presence. It only makes sense, considering the fact that most people search for any product or service they need online. It doesn’t matter if you’re a carpenter or a café; the average person would open Google to look for your services when needed, and you have to be there. This is why a lot of businesses are investing a lot of money on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, which is basically how you ensure that you rank higher on search engines, and in turn become more visible to people.

For that to happen, companies purchase expired domains –– which are basically ones without the owners as their contract expired –– that already have quality links from reputable websites that they can use. This is called backlinking, and it is one of the most important SEO strategies out there. In fact, if properly utilized, expired domains can even win you a featured snippet on Google, which will really help your business grow.

What is a featured snippet?

Whenever you need an answer to a question, you would usually pick up your phone and ask Google, because who better to ask? Sometimes those questions have a pretty straightforward answer that doesn’t really require you to actually click on the website. That answer is usually featured in the form of a list or a direct paragraph out of an article among the different results, which appears even before the organic search results. This is called a featured snippet, and it could do wonders for your business.

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Having an excerpt from your website on a featured snippet is one of the best things that could happen for your reach and credibility. It inspires confidence and establishes your brand as an authority in the field, and people like dealing with sources that are credible. This will, in turn, generate a lot of traffic to your website, and get you more leads. So, how do expired domains help you land a position in a featured snippet?

Already existing authority

Being in a featured snippet is basically the ultimate goal of SEO experts, and it’s the best ranking a website can land on the Google search engine results page. To get there, you need to establish yourself as an authority on whatever it is you’re talking about, and that needs some work. Expired domains save you a lot of time getting there as the article on explains, and in turn, you could land your first featured snippet within weeks rather than long months. An expired domain helps you build your authority on the topic at hand, and it doesn’t do it from scratch, but you rather have a head start, which saves you effort and resources as well. This is because a good expired domain already has SEO ranking and backlinks ready to be used; you just need to take advantage of them.

Targeting just the right people

One more thing an expired domain already has is existing traffic. So, if you buy the right one in your particular niche, you can target just the kind of people you want, and that is extremely crucial in the world of SEO and search engines. Companies spend a lot of money creating targeted campaigns and approaches so they could reach specific demographics because it’s not just about generating traffic, but rather the right kind of traffic. You need the people visiting your site to be already interested in what you have to offer so they might be converted into leads.

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An expired domain is one that has the kind of traffic you can capitalize on without spending months or years cultivating the outcome of your work. You can definitely get the right kind of traffic with a new domain, but that requires a lot of time creating targeted content with excellent quality and utilizing other SEO strategies, which you won’t need to do with an expired domain.

Existing backlinks

As mentioned earlier, backlinking is one of the most important SEO strategies, and it’s something that makes a huge difference in your Google search engine ranking. One of the best advantages of expired domains is the fact that they already have backlinks across the internet –– decent ones at least. You can capitalize on that by using those links to refer back to your own website, which means you will have quickly established your presence online. You naturally can’t just use a domain like that without adding content –– you need to add engaging content related to your services/products in order for the website to be legitimately working. This eventually saves you a lot of time, as any SEO expert knows, because building proper backlinks with reputable domains take ages. But with the right expired domain, that is not the case.

Age matters in the rankings

Not many people know this, but Google actually takes the age of the domain into consideration when it comes to search engine ranking. It makes sense if you think about it because if a domain is old enough, it would be more established and in turn rank higher. There is another reason behind this, which is the fact that spam domains are usually very short-lived, and they don’t last much. So, it’s a way of sorts to filter the incoming spammers. So, when you get your hands on an expired domain that’s been around for a while, you’re helping your search engine optimization efforts as well as your chances of landing that featured snippets.

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An expired domain can really help you get more reach and establish a powerful presence online, and if you get the right kind, you can win a featured snippet in a very short time. This, in turn, will get you a lot more traffic than usual, and you’ll start generating good revenues. You should be very careful, though, while shopping for expired domains, because you are going to stumble upon a few shady ones. Always remember to check the quality of backlinks and the age of the domain before buying anything.

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