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How to create confidence

One of the key findings psychologists have made in the last decade is that confidence can be created. Therefore, anyone can rip the benefits of being a confident person.

Confidence is nothing more than a habitual way of thinking and feeling in certain situations. It basically says that you can handle it (the situation) and that you are ready for whatever may happen.

There are multiple levels and causes of confidence. By addressing these, you can create confidence for yourself. Here are some of the essential areas to touch for confidence boosting:

1. Your image. A shallow as it may seem, when you look good, you tend to feel good. Your confidence is, among other things, a reflection of the self-image you put out there. Put some good looking, well fitting clothes on yourself and you’ll feel more self-assured.

2. Your social circle. It’s a lot easier to feel confident when you have other people you can count on in challenging situations. They create a sort of safety net by being there for you. This is why I always advice my clients to improve their social skills and build a solid social circle for themselves.

3. Your skills. When you’re good at something and you know it, you are also confident in that area. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your self-confidence is to constantly improve and develop your skills. Growing and being capable is a big part of trusting yourself.

4. Your standards. The more you imperatively ask of yourself, the hardest it is to be happy with the way you are and confident in yourself. It’s good to thing big, but you don’t want to set unrealistic standards for yourself. They will sabotage your self-image and the way you fell about yourself.

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5. Your thoughts. Confidence is largely created in your mind, through the way you interpret things and you think about yourself. Seek to identify unrealistic thinking and to challenge it. In timeArticle Submission, a process of changing your thinking will contribute greatly to your confidence.  It is probably the most important variable in the equation.