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Nigeria: The Rise and Rise of Technology Startups

The digital revolution has been marked with advancements in technology, which has revamped our lives. The world is drastically shifting to a digital age where everything is computerised. However, Africa has not been able to measure up with other tech-savvy countries. But this has not limited the continent into still pushing to achieve digital revolution like the rest of the world.   You have major players like Betway coming up, thanks to the rise in technology. In fact, Betway casino games are more popular than before.

Kenya and South Africa are the big wigs into driving Africa into a digital age. However, Nigeria is also becoming a hub of tech startups around the continent. For instance, in 2018, two tech giants; Facebook and Google opened centres in Nigeria.  The two also launched accelerator programmes in the country. Here is a look at more information about the growing tech startups in Nigeria.

Who or want plays a crucial role in the rise of tech startups in Nigeria?

Studies show that Nigeria has the largest population in the African continent. According to statistics which were taken by World Bank in 2017 the population of Nigeria is about 190.9 million. Half of the people are people under 30, therefore, making the youth tech-savvy individuals. Most of the youth in Nigeria are people who are in enterprising, or they view it as a good career.

The capital of Nigeria Lagos boasts of vast crowds of youth during meetups that involve tech development. Since the youth are eager to join the technology sector, more tech startups are thriving to impact the youth with the necessary skills. In 2016 there were already 23 tech hubs which have been pitched in Nigeria. With more online players like Betway coming up, you can be sure that the Nigerian tech scenario is going to improve.

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What is the impact of tech startups in Nigeria?

The tech startups in the country have grown across various fields such as Fintech, e-commerce, travel, agriculture and others. For instance, the Fintech industry has been taking the country by storm. There are fintech startups which are taking advantage of the growing banking system in the country. Startups such as Paga, Flutterwave, and Paystack are offering digital banking services. Therefore it is easier for Nigerians to transfer and streamline their money.

How can these startups be assured of growth?

The startups in Nigeria are supporting local communities. They aim to make sure that Nigeria is at the forefront of the digital revolution. Moreover, they want to impact their country’s economy. However, for the startups to thrive, it is vital that the government steps in and drive it to success. This can only be achieved if the government implements tech policies that will grow the tech sector. The plans can tackle issues such as security, privacy, broadband access, costs and more.

Nigeria can lead Africa into the digital revolution. The growing number of tech startups in the country is precise that through the right policies and investment, there is hope.