Recreational activities that got popular in the pandemic

The pandemic came with lots of changes and new trends, and while some were negative, others opened a world of possibilities. People discovered some jobs that could be done remotely; others invented apps and games to keep body and soul together.

These developments also opened a gateway for the virtual activities that have been in the backseat to step forward and become useful.

Here are some online recreational activities that got popular activities in the pandemic:

  1. Adult Coloring

Coloring has always been a recreational activity for kids and people passionate about painting. However, with the pandemic, many sites began offering opportunities for adults to paint images that are calming enough to keep the mind occupied. Bookshops also started selling coloring books for adults. This activity helped people deal with anxiety and stress, thus increasing focus.

  1. Online Betting

While online betting has always existed, the pandemic made it a necessity. Betting platforms like Casimba created slots that made the online betting experience seamless and user-friendly. The online betting community provided a platform for people to bond over similar interests. It also helped people deal with the loneliness that came with the pandemic-induced lockdown.

  1. Podcasts

The need for human connection during the pandemic created the popularity of podcasts. Podcasts allowed people to express themselves in ways that brought a connection, simulating talking to people physically. People also found like-minds that built solace and the necessary feeling of not experiencing the pandemic alone. It was also a way to learn about new developments, actively listen and learn to see things from different perspectives.

  1. Online Video games
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Online video games have always been popular among young people. The pandemic made it more relevant as parents didn’t exactly have alternative activities for their kids. Adults who had time on their hands also indulged; easing the tension of the times and re-experiencing old habits.

  1. Indoor Exercises

Being fit is a necessity for some and a hobby for others. While it was essential to continue with exercises and physical activities, the pandemic put a restriction on where these could be carried out. With these restrictions, people started putting out exercise and stretch videos to build a community. These videos created the needed ‘energy’ that kept people pumped up as they would in a gym or a group. Different gyms also resorted to online memberships with trainers to attend to particular needs.

  1. Video sharing platforms

From TikTok to House Party to Thriller, these video-sharing platforms helped create sanity, humor and connection during the pandemic. While it helped people save their jobs, it helped others harness their inner acting skills. One could find content ranging from cooking to DIYs to helpful like hacks to educational content. These platforms’ dynamic content was enough to easily draw in audience and content creators of every demography or nationality.

While it may be easier to get sucked into the activities that require screen time, it is healthier to balance the online recreational with offline activities. An excellent guide to limit screen time effects will be to alternate online activities with physical activities.

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