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The Power of Integrity

The definition of integrity has two parts, both equally important.

1. Uprightness of character, honesty.
2. The state of being complete or undivided.

Integrity basically means to be whole, complete and in truth. Unfortunately most people today do not keep their word and commitments. In the old days, your word was your bond. Keeping your word was the basic measure of who you were as a person. Nothing has changed. Your integrity truly represents who you are as a human being.

Without integrity there is no “trust”, and trust is a critical key to success in both relationships and business. If people don’t trust you, they won’t want to be involved with you, and definitely won’t buy from you. Remember, you get back what you give out. If you are “out of integrity”, two things will occur. First, since like attracts like, the universe will send you others who are “out of integrity” for you to deal with. Not to punish you, but to teach you. What better way for you to learn about “integrity” than to meet mirrors of yourself and experience others not telling the truth and not keeping their agreements or commitments.

Second, “integrity” is a higher power energy. Meaning that when you are “in integrity” you are in your power; you feel strong and confident about yourself. When you are out of integrity, you are out of your power and feel weak.

Make your word “law”. When you say something, you have to mean it and be willing to go to the ends of the earth to make certain your word is kept. This not only builds trust in you from others, but you trust yourself more. As each thing you say actually happens, your confidence soars and you become a truly powerful human being. With your power comes success in any and all arenas of your life.

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Today, start your practice of integrity with two simple exercises. First be “on time” for every appointment you make. Second, keep all of your agreements and commitments. If you told someone you would call them today, do it. If you told yourself you would workout today, do it. If you said you were going to put 10% of your money into your “Financial Freedom Account”, do it. In short, say what you mean and mean what you say. If you do, not only will you gain the respect of others, you will also respect yourself!

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