Tips On How To Create A Eulogy Right Away

Tips On How To Create A Eulogy Right Away

A Eulogy is a memorial speech for someone who has passed away. The responsibility of recounting the life experience of that person is on the one making the Eulogy. Even if you’re not good at talking, you’d be doing a disservice if you cannot create a good Eulogy for the deceased individual. A good Eulogy is meaningful, so don’t overthink the process.

Considering the time constraints, you can still create a great Eulogy. Just remember some ways to plan.

Three Tips to Writing a Eulogy

1. Look at the Big Picture

Any person has a story to share about his or her life. Make the life of a person seem like a journey with a beginning and an end. Major turning points include traveling, migration, and going to other places. You should always mention what made the person do the things he did.

Make a list of the things you need to mention in your speech so that you don’t forget them. If you want to know the details, ask someone who is close to the person. Don’t downplay anything, make the person seem larger than life. Always keep in mind your objective. It should sum up a person’s life and all the great things that the person did should stand out.

2. Make Notes

Although your speech should flow and not be too robotic, you need notes. Transfer your notes into a cue card. Even if you think you’ve memorized your speech, you may forget something. Your mind could go blank like most public speakers when they take to the stage the first time.

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3. Time Your Speech

When you’re on stage, time may pass by a little faster. Practice your speech once before you go on stage so that you know for how long you should talk about one thing or another. Your goal is to mention everything on your list.

Some people are overly concerned about technicalities like word usage and grammar. Make sure you have enough for the time allotted for your speech.

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