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livescore of most interesting matches

Do you want to quickly find information on dozens of national championships? All livescore and many other useful data are waiting for you on the website of sports statistics, which provide the most detailed and accurate information on what is happening in a particular tournament.

The current season is a turning point for a number of Italian teams that changed their coaches in summer. One of those is Roman Roma. The Wolves have appointed Paulo Fonseca from Shakhtar Donetsk as a head coach.

The main goal facing the Portuguese specialist is the qualification for the Champions League. Given the level of competition in Serie A, it will be extremely difficult. Looking at all livescores after a third of the tournament distance, we can note that so far not everything is working out for him.

Roma only occasionally resembles a top club judging by Italian standards. But already at the start of the season the team lost points in matches with the middling clubs and outsiders too often. Parma, Atalanta, Genoa – this is not a complete list of the weakest teams, in matches with which the Romans failed to score 3 points. As a result, after a third of the tournament distance, Fonseca’s team was not in the Champions League zone, although the density in the standings is very high and a couple of victories can seriously change the situation.

The team definitely has the potential for further growth. Now its lineup is a mix of experience and youth, which allows it to compete for places in the Champions League zone.

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The live football section will allow the fans to track all the necessary information in real time. Attention is also paid here to the Romans’ matches. Among the factors that could potentially help them improve their place in the standings, we’d name the following:

1. Good selection of players. Remember that a number of summer signings also helped the Romans. Smalling, Mkhitaryan and many others fit into the team structures of the Romans great.

2. High level of individual skills of the leaders.

3. Instability of direct competitors in the standings.

The current season is not yet the for many competitors of Roma, like Napoli and Milan. However, one cannot fail to note the progress of a number of clubs, which, on the contrary, pleasantly delight their fans — we are talking about Cagliari and Atalanta.

Go to the live football section to always be the first to get the latest news and keep track of all the changes taking place in sports arenas. An even more intense part of the season is ahead of us. Then, the Romans will have a busy calendar and in many respects their position according to the results of the championship depends on the results of these matches.

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