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Where you are meant to be

Life has many challenges. People go through life facing all kinds of trials and hardships along with, hopefully, a good dose of the better things of life. When you get to the twilight years and the end is more near than far, you may realize that you are not where you wanted to be at the age where you now find yourself. Are you where you are meant to be? That is a question which faces people, but maybe they are exactly where they are meant to be at this point in their life.

Life may have tossed you some lemons along the way. You may not have gotten to the financial state that you expected to be in at the stage of life in which you arrived. You may think that life has not been fair. Well, life is not fair. Into every life some rain will fall. Sometimes downpours will come.

Difficulties, hardship, and challenges may slow us down from reaching our goals. They may take out some of the steam in moving forward. However, trials can make us stronger and give life purpose. They may help the resolve to achieve and succeed. Trials may help in preparing us for the next adventure in life. Overcoming trials may seem difficult, but in the long run will add to the strength of a person.

Believe in yourself and the fact that you are strong. You have done a lot in your life even if you feel that the accomplishments are not great. You have lived through many trials and have come out stronger.

Life will not always be a bowl of cherries, but there will be many good aspects of life. There will be happy times and joy in living. The opposite might also be true.

Instead of lamenting the fact that you may not be where you wanted to be, just continue to grow and progress. You may be where you were meant to be in life. You also may have a long way yet to go. There is no reason to ever give up even through the difficult times. Keep the hope and faith strong to continue the quest.

Americans of Japanese descent were not where they wanted to be during World War II when they were incarcerated in the American concentration camps in desolate areas of the United States. They were not meant to be locked up and watched over by armed guards. They had done no wrong and were persecuted only for their ethnicity. The trials were too great for some to endure.

However, most people persevered and kept the faith that things would get better. When they were finally released after their years in captivity, they moved on and worked hard so that they could achieve their dreams of where they were meant to be. It was not easy, but it was worth it to keep trying.

Trials come to everyone. Learn about the trials which came to Japanese Americans by checking out this book of speeches and articles about the Japanese American and Asian American story. It includes facts about the mistreatment of Japanese Americans during World War II and how they persevered during difficult times.

This was a period when the Constitution did not protect innocent citizens and immigrants who faced severe prejudice and racism. The book covers civil rights issues and is available on Amazon. Information on the book and other related books may be found at the website: http://www.thejapaneseamericanstory.com.