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Purplepeer Global and Global Entrepreneurs comprises of influential men and women who have made distinct marks in global entrepreneurship. Giving people the opportunity to be beneficiaries of a global wealth system where they are guaranteed success is what we are set to achieve.

In 2018 we have launched our “One Africa One Dream” project of which we held its first conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. This project will set the pace for a new dawn in the whole of Africa. Many are plugging into the vision excitedly. Qualifiers from South Africa in 2018 for 60 All expense paid Dubai trip, 3 SUVs worth R300,000 & over 50 salon cars have emerged.

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Next destinations are Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana. In fact, the aim is to penetrate all African countries. Fund support covers trip (to & fro) and 5 star lodging expenses.

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The revolutionary wave is fast spreading and we need more partners, leaders, coaches, mentors and of course cook up more millionaires!

Plan to go tenfold this season.

Highlights include:

*Disseminating your assets to for multiple sources of income.

* Testimonial: translation from 5 figure monthly to 8 figure weekly.

*Programming your income sources on autopilot.

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*Managing multiple income sources simultaneously.

*Strategies that work in doing business with untrusted people.

*How to gain maximally from a structured global wealth system without bearing risks.

Date: Sunday, 25/02/2018

Venue is Suit 21/22, 2nd Floor, Off Alcon Road, Woji, Port-Harcourt.

Time: 3pm.

Enquiry: 09096903178, 08035492882.


PurplePeer Global

Organizer of Business Hangout

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